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Varicose vein

Venous insufficiency of the lower limbs is a very common disease, especially in women.
The symptoms are represented by heavy legs, swelling that appears especially being long standing appearance of varicose veins

The cause resides in the wearing out of some valves of the veins that does not allow the normal flow of blood from the lower limbs to the heart, but on the contrary results in a retrograde flow ie a reflux which dilates the veins themselves making them varicose. Therefore, the correction of this disorder can only be surgical, but for about 20 years practice interventions that are absolutely mini-invasive, that is practiced through micro incisions and aimed at targeted ligation of the veins where there is the presence of poorly functioning valves, using a accurate doppler hemodynamic study ecocolor

These interventions are naturally practiced outpatient with local anesthesia, no longer than half an hour, allowing the immediate resumption of all activities.
Veins smaller and with little reflux is treated with sclerotherapy, namely with the injection in the same of substances to make them disappear. It is currently used as a foam (mousse).

The CAPILLARY or spider veins are a cosmetic problem essentially very popular among women.

Sometimes they are related venous insufficiency, but more often than not have a relationship with it.
The existence or not of venous insufficiency should be determined by examining ECOCOLOURDOPPLER.
Their treatment is to use a combination of sclerosing injections and laser beam

Although the capillaries of the face are treated with extreme effectiveness with the laser

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