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Dottor Francesco Sias

He has always been particularly dedicated to research, design and improvement of technical and organizational models that combine the effectiveness of the simplification, in order to reduce as far as possible to patients the discomforts and risks associated with treatment.

With this objective has activated the first units of Outpatient Surgery and Day Surgery in Sardinia, pioneering experience in Italy, both in public health (University of Cagliari) and private.

Has developed original techniques for hernia surgery, the fissure, hemorrhoids, sinus pilonidalis, varices.

He patented a tool (HPS) currently produced by the company Angiologica      

                               for smoother running of the intervention hemorrhoidopexy he designed.

He is also dedicated to the care of frequent diseases of the spine, back pain, cervical arthritis, herniated disc, using for many years, the techniques of oxygen ozone therapy developed by Dr.. Cesare Verga.

In the search for what is most beneficial to the patient can not injure him, was able to benefit research scientists Salvatore Rinaldi and Vania Fountains in the field of NEUROPSICOFISIOPATOLOGIA, that is the science that studies the changes in our bodies and our nervous system as a result of the interaction with the environment, and use the methods they developed with the various protocols of the REAC CRM therapy.

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