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Nobody is perfect, but everyone can be 100% usage.
The dynamics of our movement is extremely complex to perform a simple action is required the action of many muscles in various parts of the body, and the inactivity of many contemporary antagonistic muscles, all in coordination that is difficult to achieve if we tried we could voluntarily this harmonization.
Imagine what is required for an athletic, so complex and so aimed at perfection, which co-ordination is needed to obtain the result!
Who should give orders to individual muscles and coordinate the execution of the movement? Of course, the central nervous system, using stored program.
The motor programs stored in our brain are called engrams. Each engram is related to a given motor skills learned. An engram is a permanent record stamped by a stimulus (for example, when we learn to ride a bike or when we learn the shot straight in tennis) in the protoplasm (the inside) of the cells.
 With a specific stimulus, eg. we take the bike after a few years, the engram is stored retrieved and used immediately.
This requires the simultaneous activation of millions of neurons connected by billions of synapses, it is easy to understand that, like any machine, over time some mechanism jams, making the final execution less effective.
These dysfunctions of the mechanism can be corrected with their simple message to the central nervous system, which thus restores the correct function.
In this way we obtain a OPTIMIZATION:
In fact, optimization means to operate a system in the best way possible, gradually improving management and control.
The REAC-CRM therapy is able to restore normal and more physiological movement pattern and thereby the athlete can achieve the best performance possible for him. This is achieved with progressive sessions, non-invasive and of short duration, protocol optimization Neuro Postural Neuro Psycho Physical Optimization, and extreme precision of Motor Reprogramming.

Another protocol of the same therapy, Tissue activation, has a key role, higher than any other type of therapy, in the treatment of all types of SPORTS INJURIES.
Joint sprain, muscle injury, bruises, heal in half the time if submitted as early treatment. In particular:
- Regress rapidly edema, joint effusion, hematoma, pain
- Healing occurs with a perfect restore the anatomy of damaged tissues (muscles, tendons, joint capsules) instead of scarring that become weak and meet new breaks.

The usefulness of this therapy is also crucial REHABILITATION and CHRONIC INJURY:
- Restores the integrity of tissues went to meet fibrous infiltration.
- Promotes the resorption of tumors fibrocalcifiche.
- Promotes proper bone calcification post-traumatic

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